"...delicious sonic abstractions..."

- Shepherd Express


Bio: C. Olivia Valenza is a composer and clarinetist+ whose artistic process comes from a focus on inter-disciplinary collaboration, improvisation, and the development of electroacoustic and acoustic concert music. She strives to create in the moment experiences of listening and creating for both the performers and the audience. She revels in the model being a composer/performer offers her, creating music to play with friends and sonically investigating the areas of connection between different artistic mediums.

Her improvisational language and electro-acoustic work as a performer on clarinet, turntable and electronics often seeks to emphasize fragile, yet guttural, complex timbres.

She has had the pleasure of working/performing with Present Music, Hyperlocal MKE, Wild Space Dance Company, Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra (MiLO), Seed Sounds, and Unrehearsed MKE.